MMMGLOBAL2019 is recruiting Marketing Coordinator all over the world


As required by markets of different countries, the system needs coordinators to serve all the local participants. This is a great opportunity! We plan to have 1 to 3 coordinators for each country.

A qualified coordinator could get 250 to 2,500 U.S. dollars weekly as reward.

Candidates need to meet the following conditions:


1. Once led big teams, with the power of influence, execution and service and the professional dedication, and able to serve the team by full time.

2. Have a good command of common social media software, including Skpye, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

3. Able to offer network training, manage communities, organize offline meeting activities and solve problems in team development.

4. Willing to assist other local teams as the bridge of system and market.


Coordinators would enjoy some management authority. Qualified coordinators would be rewarded as remuneration:

1. Coordinators’ personal profiles will be uploaded to the official website of the system. The system would promote your personal profile through global mainstream media, which helps to bring more participants to join your team and increase your team reward.

2. All the participants of your country could find your contact information, so they can join your community and form close cooperation with you, which helps to increase your talent reserve of your team.

3. Enjoy the free opportunity of the system’s global elite training conference, tourism and holiday, make friends with world top team leaders, expand personal network and resources and enhance your own operational capability.

4. To become a qualified coordinator, candidates need to get systematic network training, and pass a 3-month probation period and corresponding appraisal. A qualified coordinator could get 250 to 2,500 U.S. dollars weekly as reward.


Candidates should submit the following information to the system’s official email: [email protected]




Mobile number: (+country code)









My Skype group:

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Short videos of introduction:


MMM global elite leaders, come and take this chance of the market! We will change the world together! Welcome to our club! If you want to be one of the first leaders of MMM in the world, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telegram English group: https://t.me/joinchat/LXfIQUWYUY-lfA9ugnn0YA

Telegram Chinese Group: https://t.me/joinchat/LXfIQU-t5Ba6_wm2eqRF3Q

Youtube Video introduction:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8sX9z3Jrk8

Youtube Marketing introduction:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEsl93UOIIQ&t=1s

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MMMGLOBAL2019 Blockchain Smart Contract Start notice

Join the system test now,Help find syetem vulnerabilities,The highest reward is 10,000 dollars! The world is about to start!!!

New financial nuclear weapons! An innovative model combining the financial revolution with the technological revolution!!!

The original MMM market leaders in more than a dozen countries have been tested. After the official launch, it must be popular all over the world!!!

Interest of 1% every day and up to 30% every month, and the 51-tier leadership bonus leads you to financial freedom!!!


MMMGLOBAL2019 is developed by MMM core programmer team who has rewritten the algorithmic and model mechanisms according to the data analyses of global participants and improved the system rules. Based on the theory and practice of Sergey Mavrodi, the innovation lies in that Mavrodi's thoughts, ideas and mutual aid model are integrated into the technology of the Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract. The brand-new unique mutual aid system 6.0, having mixed elements of “Shared Bank + Mutual Aid Model + Jackpot Fund + Decentralized System + Blockchain Smart Contract + Dollar-anchored Cryptocurrency”, defuses the natural contradiction between participants and administrators fundamentally, and effectively solves a series of problems such as non-transparent centralized system data, dishonesty of administrators, destruction of cycle by speculators, the spread of false news resulting in panic and run on a bank, etc.


MMMGLOBAL2019 Blockchain Smart Contract Mutual Aid System 6.0 is based on the most advanced block chain technology and digital algorithm. It fully depends on Ethereum block chain. Here, members from different countries will help each other on the blockchain. There is no central server. PH(Provide help), GH(Get help), sponsorship link, recommendation award, monthly growth, team structure....All these are completed on the blockchain. It is safe, transparent and totally decentralized! It can not be attacked by hackers and there would be not any phenomenon that a matched order is not paid for. It puts an end to speculators’ big fund inflow and outflow, let alone operator’s running away with money. It is simple to operate and easy to duplicate. A brand-new global financial mutual aid club! This is a totally new “nuclear weapon” in finance.


MMMGLOBAL2019 Blockchain Smart Contract Mutual Aid System 6.0 came into being. It has been developed with huge cost. With over 12 months’ efforts, the elite team of blockchain has made repeated deduction to perfect the combination of mutual aid model logic and technology logic. It can not be developed with simple technology. As a revolutionary upgrade of mutual aid mode by taking advantage of blockchain technology, it runs the whole MMM system on Ethereum blockchain. It has retained all the essences of MMM, but removed MMM’s shortcomings; it can be said a piece of revolutionary peak work of the application community of blockchain smart contract. All members of the initiator team are anonymous. You do not need to trust anyone but blockchain smart contract. Code is law here, just like the launch of Bitcoin. Anonymous blockchain contract, which integrates multiple research achievements of distributed blockchain network, has been developed and launched. It aims to solve the contradiction of financial centralization, and find a way out in the dilemma of financial centralization, and proposes a decentralized solution for solving problems about privacy and safety.



MMM 6.0 system Five core strengths:


1:Technology based smart contract: Blockchain smart contract technology can prevent system administrators from being dishonest, cheating, deceiving, stealing money and absconding, and put an end to administrators’ control over the system. Innovations on technologies and modes certainly can destroy dishonest centralized financial order and system.

2:Material-based financial model: The system mechanism constrains participants from speculating, solves the problem of dishonest participants' malicious destruction of the system, and ultimately achieves the global financial revolution. Money circulates among participants, thus generating value. There is no exploitation by middlemen and bankers, and thus participants have money and time to enjoy a better life. 3:Prize pool fund model:When markets are weak and funds are scarce, the jackpot fund system makes the last help providers get 5 to 10 times of yield each as permanent winners, which upends the institutional flaw that traditional institutions are unfair to the latecomers and avoids the ultimate problem that all systems cause the latecomers’ losses. The jackpot funds give the market the permanent confidence and motive force, and provide the continuous life energy for the long-term stable operation of the system..

4:Privacy Safe Stable:The registration system only requires adding an e-mail address and a digital wallet and does not need other personal data. With blockchain smart contract system, you don’t have to worry about attacks of network hackers. It is a great technological revolution and a machine of building trust. The cryptocurrency anchored to U.S. dollar at 1:1 is adopted for transfer. Participants will have no risk of ups and downs of currency price; it can be traded freely at major digital currency exchanges, which enables free global transfers.

5:Automated marketing:System equipped with 12 main marketing functions provides participants with excellent user experience. Whether for learning, social interaction and sharing, or for global information and team building, you can work in the places as long as there are mobile phones and network coverage. You can handle business even lying on the beach and facing the sea. Everything is so simple, efficient and quick.



The Advent of Technology of the Decentralized Blockchain Smart Contract

-------Sergey Mavrodi's Great Mission Can Finally Be Achieved!


Welcome to join MMM’s great ideological emancipation movement and financial revolution!Let's hand in hand to change the world! Destroy the world's unequal financial order, break the old world and build a new world!